Leverage the capabilities of the national labs to advance your wood heater project. Brookhaven National Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory offer world-class capabilities and expertise to support a variety of wood heater innovation needs. A few of our core capabilities are listed below.

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Novel technology development and validation

WHIC partnering National Laboratories offer research support for improving wood heater combustion technologies, aiming to enhance efficiency, reduce emissions, and optimize overall performance. This includes exploring advanced combustion techniques, such as gasification and secondary air injection, as well as improving heat transfer mechanisms. Our partners can also support integration of sensors, control systems, and smart technologies and their impact on enhancing combustion control and efficiency, resulting in environmentally friendly and energy-efficient wood heating solutions. Furthermore, we can support R&D of hybrid technologies (e.g., integration of heat pumps with wood heaters) to further enhance efficiency, sustainability, and performance in residential heating systems.

Laboratory testing for R&D

WHIC partnering National  Laboratories specialize in emissions sampling for wood heater R&D. For example, our team uses novel, real-time emissions measurement techniques to provide particulate matter mass concentration, number concentration, and size distribution. We also conduct speciation analysis to identify the chemical composition of particles. Advanced imaging techniques and other instruments are also available to analyze particle shape and morphology. These comprehensive measurements can help applicants understand the nature of emissions, identify potential pollutants, and develop strategies to mitigate and control them.

Data analysis to inform R&D

Harness the full potential of your data by leveraging data analysis support from WHIC partnering National Laboratories. Both partners can support applicants with analyzing a broad set of data, from performance measurements data (laboratory or in-home) to user survey data. Analysis support may include conducting calculations to extract valuable insights, generating visualizations to effectively communicate findings, or make data-driven decisions to advance wood heater technologies. 

Monitoring, sensors, and automation development

Develop cutting-edge monitoring, sensor, and automation equipment for advancing wood heater technologies by leveraging WHIC’s National Lab partners. The knowledge and experience of both partners can assist applicants with designing and implementing state-of-the-art solutions that seamlessly integrate with their wood heater. From custom performance monitoring sensors to advanced combustion automation algorithms, our team can help deliver reliable, efficient, and tailored solutions that optimize processes, enhance productivity, and drive innovation.

Field testing and evaluation

Wood heater field studies play a crucial role in evaluating the real-world performance and emissions of wood-burning heaters in different operating conditions and environments. Our team can support field studies by providing expertise, resources, and specialized equipment for data collection and analysis. Previously, we have conducted comprehensive field measurements, including wood heater characterization, performance monitoring, and data analysis.

Quantifying user behavior and community education

WHIC experts at the National Labs can help applicants design and execute studies to quantify user behavior and gain valuable insights into customers preferences, use-patterns, and impact on wood heater performance. Furthermore, our team has extensive experience developing and presenting material for supporting community education and training programs to empower the wood heater community with knowledge and best practices for operating their wood heater cleanly and efficiently.